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What’s Life Like At Somerset Court?

Living Life To The Fullest!

There is always something going on at Somerset Court! Our monthly newsletter and calendar are designed to help you stay informed so you don’t miss anything that interests you. We’ll gladly put family or friends on our newsletter & calendar mailing list. We can deliver it to them via email or good old fashioned snail mail!

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Our Newsletter highlights events of the past month and upcoming events for the current month. This way you never miss what’s going on in the community!

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Our Calendar lists the daily events and times of our activities. Almost all of our activities are open to family members and friends of our residents.

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What Does All Inclusive Pricing Mean?

One Base Price! No Points, No Time Limits!

Most retirement/assisted living facilities offer similar services.  However the pricing, and how the pricing is calculated, differ considerably.  This is important to understand as you compare one facility to another.

All facilities identify a BASE RATE. The base rate generally covers only the cost of the apartment or room and some or all meals. Some facilities include a limited number of services or a limited amount of time providing these services before additional costs are added.

At Somerset Court we have All Inclusive Pricing. That means you have one monthly costs for all the services included! If there are ever any separate cost involved you will be made aware of exactly what those prices are before any charges occur!


All Inclusive Pricing

One Simple Monthly Cost.

Any additional costs (if any) are separately identified and you are made aware of exactly what services and the prices you will incur before you are charged.

Base Rate + Points System

Your Costs Increase With Use.

Everytime you use a service your gain points, the more points you use, the more your cost increase. This is usually on a chart that tracks your usesage.

Base Rate + Time System

Your Costs Increase With Use.

Similar to Points, You time is tracked based on the use of services and amenities, the more you use them, the more your cost increase. 

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We encourage you to shop around and compare what the other places have to offer. We’ve even created a checklist of all the important questions you should be asking.

We Have All The Services You Need!

Personal Services and Assistance

Somerset Court’s personal services focus on our resident’s physical well-being, comfort and enjoyment. These services are included as a part of our all inclusive pricing. We encourage everyone in our community to take advantage of these services; however, no one is required to do so.

Medication Management

Medications are, for many, a regular task that needs to be undertaken and done so properly. Remembering dosage and timing can be a major hassle, not to mention remembering if you actually took your medication and when!


Retirement should be just that. At Somerset Court you are also retired from housekeeping and laundry chores. Of course if you enjoy doing such tasks, you are certainly free to do them. However, these services are provided as a part of our all inclusive pricing.

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